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Welcome to Dizzy Pink, the website for everything Hello Kitty
We only stock Hello Kitty items so you will be sure to find something to interest you if Hello Kitty is your friend. From homeware to toys, clothing, jewellery, greeting cards, stationery, and some more unusual items, at Dizzy Pink we aim to give you a wide range of the cutest items Hello Kitty has to offer.

Remember, it's always pretty with Hello Kitty :)
Dizzy Pink Blog - Our latest posts
11/11/16 - TKIF (THANK KITTY ITS FRIDAY) 6 - CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE - Todays lesson is never search for ‘Pins’ on an empty stomach ;)
01/11/16 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELLO KITTY - Happy birthday Hello Kitty, born in 1974 and still looking as youthful as ever.
31/10/16 - HAPPY HELLO-WEEN (WITH OUR OWN HELLO KITTY DEVIL) - Happy Hello-ween, we hope you have a spooktaculer day :)
28/10/16 - TKIF (THANK KITTY ITS FRIDAY) 5 - HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR - Todays finds are spooktacular and just in time for you to make your own Pumpkin.
14/10/16 - TKIF (THANK KITTY ITS FRIDAY) 4 - Crafting Edition - Our latest posts on Pinterest are a few fun things to make, so have a crafty weekend.
12/10/16 - MEMORIES OF SUMMER - Earlier in the year the Dizzy Pink household had a magnificent holiday to Fuerteventura and of course Hello Kitty and family joined us for the trip. Here are a few pictures we have posted to our Instagram account.
02/09/16 - TKIF (THANK KITTY ITS FRIDAY) 3 - Our latest posts on Pinterest.
28/08/16 - SUMMER IS NEARLY OVER AND AS THE DAYS TICK AWAY...NEW TERM! - Summer is nearly over and as the days tick away, for many of you it is time to think about the new school or college term. You may be starting a new school or just a new year, you might have new friends to make or old friends to catch up with but whatever the situation that fateful day is getting closer for you to return to the classroom.
19/08/16 - TKIF (THANK KITTY ITS FRIDAY) 2 - Our latest posts on Pinterest.
06/08/16 - A KITTY DAY AT THE SEASIDE - Summer is here and so that means a trip to the seaside. A day of far too much food, bright flashing arcades, scary rides, the beach, and of course building sandcastles.

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